Juxtaposed Fence (sort of!)

Another Friday, another photo challenge! This week we could choose from to themes, juxtaposition or fence. We started of on juxtaposition because we love adding new words to our vocabulary, then we took on the fence challenge as well, because the Kewl girls don't like to miss out on anything!

I think we did pretty well! Not so much because we got a spectacular looking photo, but because the girls all understood the meaning of juxtaposition and were able to explain it in relation to this photo...

Miss J "One side is wet and rainy, but the other side is dry!"

Miss V, "It's a juxtaposed miracle!"

Miss F, "No, it's juxt-a-roof..... And a fence! Mum! We did it!"


PlanningQueen said...

Miss F sounds just too cute! I think it is so fantastic that they are up for a challenge.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I think you've all done brilliantly!