I Learned Something

So, we are a home learning family. I always planned to give the girls the option of home learning, and when I could no longer find a day care option I was happy with, we simply made home learning an option a little earlier than I had planned.
Now, the girls are happy, and I'm happy, we have loads of fun and the girls are not getting less intelligent, so we remain a proud home learning family.
As such, we are seen as slightly unconventional (which suits me fine!), and as slightly unconventional and unschooled children, you would expect their favourite pass times to be similarly unconventional, yes?

Er, not so.
The Kewl girls' favourite game at present, is "Schools". (Yes that's right - My unschooled children love playing schools. So what?!)

This morning, Miss J was being teacher. Her class of three (me included) sat before her and she gave her good morning speech....

Miss J, "Good morning class..." [expectant pause] "You've got to say good morning back!"

Miss F, Miss V and myself, "Good morning Miss J."

Miss J, "Good. I mean OK. Umm... Today we are going to learn about farts! I will demonstrate!"

[insert demonstration]

And this, I believe, is where Miss J took her unconventional badge and stuck it proudly on her forehead....

Miss V, "Eww! Miss J you farted!"

Miss J, "Na ah - I learned something!"

Class dismissed!!!


Blossom said...


tooooo funny!!!!!

M+B said...

Playing schools is a big hit at our place too, but the little Miss sets up her toys and her imaginary friends... they too seem to be learning about farts at the moment!!!

And someone is always being sent off for a time out!

PlanningQueen said...

That is just precious. Too gorgeous!!!

Mama Zen said...

Is anything more fascinating than a fart? Not at my house!

Alison said...

Blossom - my thoughts exactly!!!

M+B - Farts are a great subject, aren't they?! LOL @ someone being sent for a time out.. That's the problem with siblings - they talk back!

PQ - Only kids can make farts precious! lol

Mama Zen - Not in our house, either.