The kewl girls and I went to a Special Education School today. I had to drop in to pick up some equipment I left behind last time and the girls wanted to come too. We got there just before lunch and even though I did what I needed to do in 5 minutes, the kewl girls stayed and played happily with their friends all the way through lunch break and into the next lesson!

As we were leaving we bumped into Mrs. E, a teacher and ex colleague from the State School next door. We exchanged how are yous and then she turned her attention to the kewl girls.
Even though Mrs. E was the certified 'teacher' in the group, I think the kewl girls did most of the teaching in their conversation today...

Mrs. E: "Aren't you lucky girls, going to work with mum?"
Miss J: "We didn't go to work. We went to school."
Mrs. E: "Of course you did! Silly me! Do you like going to school with mum?"
Miss F: "Yes, it's fun."
Mrs. E: "How lovely. And do you play with the little disabled kiddies?"
Miss F: "No."
Mrs. E: "No?! Don't you play with any disabled children at special school?"
Miss J: "No."
Miss V: "No."
Mrs. E: "Well what do you do then?"

Miss V: "We play with our friends."

Miss F: "Yeah.. We play with our friends."

Of course. Silly Mrs. E.


M+B said...

Those kewl girls, are just so god darned KEWL!!!

Mountaingirl said...

You are just the best mum in the world. Okay the kids are obviously incredible but they are supported and encouraged by you. It is you that sets the example, who teaches them.

Huge congratulations to the kewl family :-)

brissiemum2 said...

Out of the mouths of babes, really! Sometimes kids are so smart!

Anonymous said...

What a strange thing for a teacher to say, especially one that works in an SEDU.

Alison said...

M+B - Thanks! I think so, too :-)

MG - What a beautiful compliment! Thank you :-) Really... The girls make it pretty easy to be kewl.

Brissiemum - Hi! Thanks for your comment. The girls have pretty good smart moments.

Rhubarb - She was a teacher from the state school next door, nothing to do with any SEU's. Very strange thing to say, I agree. Maybe she will think twice next time.

Trish said...

So true - the Kewl girls are the kewlest and smartest kids.
We know why you are so proud of them.

Ruth said...

What a crazy thing for a teacher to say! It is almost unbelievable... I am so glad your girls set her straight... what clever kids!

Ruth xx