Freak Fest - Lessons from Week 3 and Week 4

Week 3...

When a little girl tells her new favourite uncle that her favourite colour is pink and her favourite animal is her white pony - Do not be surprised if you wake up the next morning to find said white pony has turned a brilliant shade of magenta.
Also, do not be surprised if there are no beetroots left within a 10km radius.

If someone tells you to "lighten up", do not reply "make me". Unless you want to be woken at 3am by 4 spotlights shining into your tent.

Circus freaks do not make good show and tell guests. Especially when you're a teacher, not a student, and the freaks rock up to class wearing t-shirts that read, "I was born smart, but education ruined me."

Week 4...

If, whilst you are grocery shopping in town, you see 6 freaks flash past on a ride on mower that looks an awful lot like your own - It probably is.
It is also probably best to walk very quickly in the opposite direction.

When your children call to you, "Mum! Quick! Freaky Uncle has four fingers stuck up his nose!"... They are probably not lying.
Especially if Freaky Uncle was last seen with the super glue.

A freak attempting to contort herself into a kitchen cupboard because another freak says "I bet you can't fit in there any more".... Is probably not going to end well.
But it will probably be very entertaining.


We are home. We are adjusting. We are celebrating the joyous moments and allowing time for the crappy moments to pass.

I am under close observation by Miss J after getting into trouble for not taking small enough bites of my apple... "Baby can't swallow big bits mum! You'll choke him!"
Miss F has taken it upon herself to educate the world as to how babies are born. I just know the doctor was thrilled to learn that... "Baby is going to come out of mum's vagina, you know."
Miss V is refusing to eat watermelon after one of the freaks convinced her that Baby is actually a watermelon growing in my tummy - because I swallowed a pip and drank lots of water to make it grow.

Most importantly...

Thank you for the supportive comments and good vibes.
They are better than chocolate!


tiff said...

Al, your freaks sound fantastic. We have a large yard, send them our way, ok?

Hugs to you and your beautiful girls and of course baby.

Anonymous said...

Oh but baby likes chocolate, too, I believe!
Hugs to you and nice to see you are back.

M+B said...

Welcome back! The freaks sound like lots of entertainment. How much longer are they partying at your place?

Big hugs, and eat chocolate anyway!

katef - said...

oh my I think we could use some freaks around here.... laughter is better than anything.. even chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Glad your back Chick.. sounds like a healthy dose of sex-ed to me....and some rightly empowered chick a dees... :)

Debby said...

Welcome home. You sound as if you've rediscovered joy. This makes me smile - big!

Lots of love to all of you.

Alison said...

Tiff - Oh yeah, they are freakin' fantastic for the first day or so... Then they're just freakin' freaky!
I'm sure they'd love to invade your backyard.

Rhubarb - Baby luuuuurves chocolate. Thanks for the hugs :-)

M+B - Thanks (for everything)!! Freaks are staying 'till the end of the month. I'm going to complain about them constantly until then. When they leave I'm going to miss them like freakin' crazy.

Kate - Laughter is awesome :-) You're welcome to come join us! Otherwise, I think there's a little freak in everyone if you look properly.

Abbey - You make me smile :-)
I'm sure the doctor appreciated his sex-ed lesson, too!

Deb - Thanks!

Trish said...

Al - (hugs) freak (th)ferapy sounds like the best medicine. Glad you surrounded by much love and laughter right now.

Imaginif said...

'bout freakin' time you got back to blogging.

Am off to pick up Boy today. Big boy is meeting me half way so I only have a four hour drive and can also get some work done.

Had a GREAT night last night :)

LOVED the girls toad antics and the feeding frenzy....should I send chocolate covered flies?????


Alison said...

Trish - You're so right - freak ferapy is fantastic medicine :)

Megan - Imaginif every night was a GREAT night!!
Crooaaaaak... chocolate coated flies... Croooaaaakk... Yes please!!