Little Green Tree Snake, Likes to Sun Bake

As Miss V has previously informed me, tree snakes come from trees.

Apparently, they also like to sun bake on bridges.

This little guy (or girl) has become a regular fixture on the bridge over our pond.

When he first appeared in our lounge room I got too much of a fright to truly appreciate him, but now that I know where to expect him I think he's actually quite cute!

As far as snakes go, anyway.


Kelley said...

Cute and all I am sure, and the photos are gorgeous...

I still want it dead dead dead!!!


debby said...

Not cute, not cute, not cute at all!

Lin said...


No, definitely cute!

PlanningQueen said...

My kids would love that. I am very envious that you have a pond big enough to have a little bridge over it.

Paula said...

snakes really do get a bum rap...but most of them are friendly and shy. I must admit I do not appreciate them nearly enough...good for you for making friends.

thanks for visiting my blog - olive juice! nice to have you.

Breastfeeding Rocks :).

Megan from Imaginif said...

My ex husband was bitten by one of those. He stood on it when it was having a drink of water. It really was quite funny (we knew what sort of snake it was and that it was not poisonous).
Have you seen how they puff their necks out when the stand up - rather scary a very cobra looking.
I'm not a great snake lover but the green tree snakes are okay.

jeanie said...

Of all the snakes in the world, I love that one the most!

Especially as he is on the other side of the computer screen, and I can show my love and affection from afar.

alice said...

I found one the other day too. I think he lives on the decking by the pool when I am not home. (And under it when I am). Gave me a bit of a fright the first time, though!

Melody said...


You're more game than me. Though, I would prefer to see one of these than those big hairy huntsman they have in Victoria (you know the country ones which wear gumboots? *shudder shudder*)