New Strength Card

I was flicking through the strength cards with J when she asked me, "Why don't they have one for poo's?" I asked her if she thought there should be one for going to the toilet and she said, "Yeah! I do good poo's!"

Can't argue with that.


Melody said...

Yeah, they should have them for poos! I agree with Miss J.

Megan from Imaginif said... is a bit shity that St Lukes didn't put a good pooher card in!

A, I'm in Syd for the All for Women b'day bash May 11. Is there any possibility of you getting there too. I so want to catch up with you and the sushi pooh team.

debby said...

Sometimes getting through the poo periods of life required GREAT strength. I'm with Miss J on this one.

Kelley said...

Smart kid there. What about wiping a butt well or no skid marks in the toilet cards?

jeanie said...

Oh, how cute (?) A!

By the way - I have roped you in for a meme in which you have to write a 6 word memoir - just the thing to fill your mind when it is being filled with the logic of a toddler or three!!

Lin said...

Maybe you can let her know that my 3yo regularly claims that "doing a poo makes you strong, doesn't it mum?"

So doing a good poo really is a strength. lol!

PreSchool Mama said...

LOL! Of course they should have poo cards too!
Regarding the child friendly recorder for the Lotto activity, I am tech challenged, so I taught him to record with my cell phone.