Thanks Henry

In this family, we're big believers in the power of thought - all that think positive, create your own reality, law of attraction, hippy stuff that makes lots of people roll their eyes and others nod in agreement. Thinking thoughts that are uplifting and empowering is something I try to teach the Kewl Kids, and I always try to pass on beliefs to them that will serve them well and help them to achieve their dreams (as we all do as parents, in our own way).

The Kewl girls are already pretty good at the whole law of attraction thing. A few weeks ago I was reminded of the quote: "Whether you think you can or you think you can't - Either way you are right." from Henry Ford. When I passed this on to the girls we talked about it for a while and they recognised it very quickly as something they could use to their advantage.

"Mummy, I think I can have chocolate cake for dinner - So I am right, hey mum?!"

Yeah. Right.
In my adulterated ignorance I rolled my eyes and told them - nice try - but the saying was not meant to be taken that literally.

Not more than 20 minutes later, Mary Poppins walked in the door with a big chocolate cake for us to share after dinner.

Today Miss J and Miss F took their mind powers to the next level.

We had to go to the big shopping centre and just because I like a challenge, I took the kids with me. My kids are pretty good when it comes to resisting the brightly coloured, cheery sounding, kewl light flashing, perfect kid height, button happy machines filled with al kinds of consumer crap - but even the best kids are not immune.

About 10 meters from the exit, I was almost home free when Miss F spotted something she just HAD to waste her money on try. A big obnoxious machine full of electronic gadgets, from mini watches right up to digital cameras and iphones. Miss F had spied an mp4 player and decided if she raided savings (all $2 worth) she would finally be able to afford the music playing, video displaying gadget she didn't know she wanted until she saw it 30 seconds ago! She had also spied the flashy words that claimed: "EVERYBODY WINS!" and "PRIZE GUARANTEED!"

I tried explain that these machines did not often give away the expensive prizes - that even though "a" prize was guaranteed, this could mean one of the cheap ones and not the one she wanted - but Miss F was not having it.

"Mummy! It's MY money and I think I can have that player!"

So I stopped resisting and got her to close her eyes and picture the player dropping off the hook and falling into the basket at the bottom of the machine, then to see herself reaching in and taking it out, holding it in her hands in front of her.

She opened her eyes, put her coin in the slot and pushed the button.

Then she watched with expecting eyes as her mp4 player dropped off the hook and fell into the basket at the bottom of the machine. She reached in, took it out, held it in her hands in front of her and giggled.

While I was picking my jaw up off the ground, Miss J took $2 from her bag and pointed at the second, and last, mp4 player.

"Mummy, I think I can have one, too."

So we did the same thing - Miss J pictured the player dropping from the hook and falling into the basket, then reaching in, taking it out and holding it in her hands in front of her.

I don't know what the chances are of getting two of the exact same, high value prizes from a novelty machine like that...

But I don't think it matters.

I wonder what Henry Ford would think if he knew he was helping to enable the shopping habit of two 5 year olds...?


tiff(threeringcircus) said...


The amazing powers of positive thought.

That is a gift, right there.

A;though those MP3s look pretty cool too.:)

MissyBoo said...

Wow! That is so kewl.

I try that with lotto but its just not working for me :(

Debby said...

MissyBoo: let the girls buy your lotto ticket!

Al? Funny stuff. You, my dear, have your work cut out for you.

katepickle said...

Oooh that is so ace!
I think my girls need a crash course in this.. but for the little things like "I can get to sleep".... then we can move on to the big things like "I can win lotto for my mum" LOL

PlanningQueen said...

My boys have tried this before and never won one. I can't wait to tell them this story!

Iris Flavia said...

You´re not kidding?!
You do play Lotto, huh?