Miss Association

Miss F was having a mini melt down because her little sister was beating her at a reading task. Miss F cried,

"But MUM! It's not FAIR! Miss V is SMARTER than me!"

Miss V, genuinely concerned for her big sisters happiness, patted Miss F on the shoulder, and said,

"Don't worry, Miss F, you are still smart by association."


Fe said...

Oh how GORGEOUS!!!!!!!


rhubarbwhine said...


tiff(threeringcircus) said...

ROFL! That girls is witty as well as smart.

jeanie said...

I still want to know - did she get the brains by association from her mum - or did she take the brains, darl?

Kathy said...

Oh Lord, she's very clever, isn't she! Reminds me of my 4-year-old who maddens her 6-year-old sister by effortlessly reading her school readers first and correcting Miss 6's (relatively few) spelling errors as she writes ;-)