Warrior Wednesday - Dear Zy

I had a whole other Warrior Wednesday post written for today, because I didn't want to miss another one... Then last night we had this moment that is as much to Zy, as is is about him, and I just have to share it.

After a big day yesterday, I set the kewl girls up with some paper and colouring in things so they could have some down time before dinner. While I was chopping up the veggies, I noticed Miss J had been working very hard on one particular piece of paper, writing lots of letters and 'words'. I asked her what she was working on, and she told me, "Writing a letter to Zy." I asked if it was only for him, or if it would be ok for her to read it to me, too, and lucky for me, she decided it would be ok to read it to me.
This is what her letter said...

Dear Zy,

We are having stir fry for dinner tonight. Do you like stir fry? I think you would like it.
You don't have your body any more, do you? Mum says you don't have to eat dinner any more, either. That's OK. If you want to come have dinner with us tonight you can use my body - I don't like stir fry.

Love from Miss J.

I love that Baby Warrior is still part of our lives, and I especially love that even if he isn't here in body, his big sister is still trying to palm her veggies off onto him!


tiff said...

I love that your girls are so in tune with your warrior baby.
Lily went through a stage where she would tell me William was an eagle and he was sitting on her shoulder.
Sadly, as she grew and the years passed, William visited less and less.
It'll be 5 years in April and I miss him and his shoulder sitting.

Lin said...

Awww! Only a big sister can be that sweet and that opportunistic at the same time.

M+B said...

Nice try Miss J.

I think its wonderful that your girls are keeping Zy's warrior flame alight.

Alison said...

Tiff - I love how in tune they are, too. That is so very beautiful about Lily and William and the shoulder sitting. I bet he still visits :-)

Lin - That's exactly what I love about this moment - It's 'typical' brother/sister stuff!
Nice to see you in the blogging world again, too :-)

M+B - With the girls' tending his flame, I've no doubt it will continue to burn strong and intense and warm. :-)

jeanie said...

Oh how sweet.

About a year or so after P. died, 'Salina and I were having a mother/daughter moment on our balcony.

She noticed a star and said "oh look, there's Dad. And he has a present. He is coming - oh no, he's gone to some other little girl's house."

The imagination of children mingling with the spirits. It is precious.

Alison said...

Oh Jeanie, that moment is just gorgeous!
I think there is something quite sacred about children and spirit mingling. I love the resulting moments, anyway :-)

Trish said...

Al, that is so precious our son was a little older when Charlotte died so he had a different focus of questions.Even now on his hotmail tag he writes RIP my sister Charlotte.

Woman in a Window said...

Gorgeously written, and gorgeously perceived by your little one.

Alison said...

Trish - How beautiful that your son still makes Charlotte part of his 'now'.

Woman in a Window - I do love their perceptions :-)