Bedtime Weather Report

"How's the weather over there Miss F? Not too windy?"

"No, not too windy... The sun is in my heart and it's dripping smiles like a melty ice cream!"

"It's spectac-li-ar!"


Debby said...

I think that every child should have the sun in their heart. Hooray for you! Hooray for Ms. F!

jeanie said...

That is gorgeous - oh for an ice-cream heart again!

PlanningQueen said...

You work so well with your girls on dealing with their emotions. They will have such a solid base to draw on later in life.

Mama Zen said...


Anonymous said...

As it should be! I wish for everybody to have sun in their heart!

M+B said...


PinkLady said...

Isn't it nice to finally find the sun shining again?

Alison, you have just been tagged in Tag-O-Mania. Please visit my site to learn more about it. I do want to know more about "what makes Alison tick."

More power to you!


Alison said...

Debby - I think so, too!

Jeanie - Would be lovely to have a smile dripping ice cream heart!

PQ - Thanks :-) I love that their emotional intelligence is so helpful to them (and to me) even at this age.

MamaZen - Yeah, I tend to say that a lot when the girls are around, too! lol

Rhubarb - Totally agree!

M+B - Very awwww! Especially nice to hear after the last conversation.

Bing - I LOVE seeing the sun! Will definitely do the meme soon, too. Thanks for the tag :-)