So... What are you having for dinner tonight?

Miss V: "Mum?"

Me: "Yes Miss V?"

Miss V: "Does that person have a penis or a vagina?"

Me: "He has a penis, darling."

Miss V: "Oh... Mum?"

Me: "Yes darling?"

Miss V: "But why does he have breasts?"

Me: "All men have breasts darling, they're part of the chest. They are not like female breasts though, there is just muscle and fat under the skin, they are not made for feeding babies and they are not private like ours are."

Miss V: "Oh. But why do they look like your breasts?"

(Ouch!!!) Me: "Every person's body is different. Sometimes men have more fat under their skin and it makes their breasts look bigger."

Miss V: "Oh. Did he eat too much breasts?"

Me: (laughing) "No darling, people don't eat breasts."

Miss V: "But 'friend across the road' did last night!"

Me: "Oh - That was chicken breast. People who eat meat sometimes eat chicken breast. I don't think that makes people's breasts grow bigger, though."

Miss V: "Why do they?"

Me: "Why do they eat chicken breast?"

Miss V: *Nodding*

Me: "I don't know, darling. Maybe we could ask them."

Miss V: "Ok. Mum?"

Me: "Yes darling?"

Miss V: "Do they eat chicken vaginas, too?"

Me: "I hope not, darling."

Miss V: "Me too, I hope not. Mum?"

Me: "Yes darling?"

Miss V: "I like being vege-t'ian."

Me: "Me too darling."

So, all you flesh eaters out there...

From Miss V:
Why do you eat chicken breasts?
Do you eat chicken vaginas, as well?

And from me:
What are you having for dinner tonight??!

P.S. After missing a couple of Warrior Wednesday's in a total blogging absence, I am ready and looking forward to tomorrow! Thank you to darling Tiff from Three Ring Circus, who joined in last time. All Warrior Parents are more than welcome to celebrate their Warrior moments tomorrow, too!


M+B said...

ROFL!!! Miss V, I don't know why people eat chicken breasts, the thighs and legs are much nicer.

tiff said...

Chicken's breasts are way too dry.
We had noodles.
Slacker that I am.

Alison said...

M+B - Miss V says "I have a vagina between my legs, you know." I think she is over the whole vege't-ian question today...

Tiff - Must be because chicken breasts are not made for eating. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) We had rice noodles. They were yummy.