Time and Energy

First off - Thank you for all of the kewl thoughts that were sent our way! They were greatly appreciated!

We are back and we are doing well, though energy levels are still somewhat low.
Life is needing most of my attention at the moment and I'm sorry that posting and blog visiting has been just that little bit out of my reach.

Things might remain quite for a little longer, because....
Next week our home is being invaded by circus freaks from all over Australia (and some from overseas, too)!! We are having a catch up / reunion and for some of us it has been almost 10 years since we last got to play!!
It is very, very exciting and I am even looking forward to having 30+ people camping out in my backyard and fighting over the bathroom. (Man, we really are freaks!)

Thank you again for your kewl thoughts... I hope everyone out here in the bloggoshpere (Jeanie, is that a word?) is well and I can't wait to catch up as soon as time and energy are willing.


Lin said...

What an awesome experience that will be for your girls! Especially because they are old friends and therefor will no doubt welcome your girls readily into the extended family.

I hope you all have a blast!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. A break is good. I know this.

Wow - you will have your hands full with all those campers desending at yours. Can't wait to hear about that!!

jeanie said...

It is so much a word - just remember, if it sounds right and you say it with confidence, you are fairly well almost always guaranteed to be right!!!

Nice to see you back, though, and I hope that you have a freaking fantastic time next week.

M+B said...

Welcome back.

Enjoy your freaky campers and stay kewl!

Debby said...

Welcome home!

baby~amore' said...

Have a heap of fun Al and enjoy the 'rest'.
We will all be here when you get back looking forward to hearing more about this adventure.

tiff said...

Biggest of hugs to you Al,

Hope you are feeling more yourself soon. Be kind and gentle with you, okay?

PlanningQueen said...

Enjoy your reunion and look forward to hearing about all the fun you will have.

Aunty Megan said...

Bloody freaks!!!!! It's not freakin' fair. I want to play with you all too.

LOVED the juggling balls and the Megan surprises. A, you are just wonderful.....now I've told you before, you must not spend any money on me (but gee I LOVE getting the parcels, cards and goodies).

You know where to escape to if the freaks get too circusy.


Pencil Writer said...

Great, KEWL new banner! Love the flowers. Hope you and the 3 kewl girls are having a great time with friends!

Mountaingirl said...

Love the banner - hope all the Kewl's are still partying madly :-)