Freak Fest - Lessons from Week 1

Anything not bolted down will be juggled. This includes any of the smaller pieces of furniture, any of the smaller animals and most of all - the small children.

Anything recently bolted down eaten by the small children will make a rather messy come back.

The shed roof makes an excellent bass drum when played with maracas, clap sticks and especially riding crops.

Shed roofs within reach of a hose make for very wet drummers, especially when the shed owner was not invited to join the band.

Asking a bunch of wannabe ex circus freaks to keep both feet on the ground for more than 2 minutes is like asking a fish to stop swimming.
Not. Going. To. Happen.

Keeping both of your own feet on the ground for more than 2 minutes when you're surrounded by a bunch of wannabe ex circus freaks is like asking a fish to swim backwards.

Ten years might have past since my "serious" circus days, but this week I have realised it is true what they say -

Once a freak, always a freak.


PlanningQueen said...

Sounds like loads of fun. The kids must be having a great time.

Melody said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

Debby said...

I wanna be a circus freak too...except I cannot juggle, have some horrible hand eye coordination, and am afraid of heights. But surely there must be something I can do?

M+B said...

Can we come over for a play? It sounds like loads of fun

Mountaingirl said...

It sounds like you are in an earthly version of heaven there Alison! I so agree with M+B, can I come over and play too lol

Alison said...

PQ - It is lots of fun and the girls definitely inherited the Freak gene!

Melody - LOL... Exactly!

Deb - You can be a freak, all you need is a big red nose and an 'anything is possible' attitude. Actually, I think you'd make a wonderful freak :-)

M+B - Yes! Come join us!

Mountaingirl - The more the merrier. Earthly, Freakish heaven is a great place to visit!

jeanie said...

Oh, I will just sit over here and be a vicarious ex circus freak.

My daughter can now cartwheel - she is one up on her mother.

Aunty Megan said...

I checked the flights and its just too expensive for Boy and I to come and freak you out.....the cost of getting us both there freaked me out!!!!!

I am so glad you are all having a good time. What do the neighbours think????????

katef - said...

oooh I am sooo envious! Sounds awesome!

Lin said...

Wow, that's freaky! lol

Great to hear you're all having an awesome time!

Alison said...

Jeanie - Come join us! Go on.. You know you want to! 'Salina too. We will teach her to cartwheel on horse back.

Aunty Megan - See.. Once a freak always a freak! The neighbours are very glad I insisted on this being a day time Fest. I make sure the power plug is pulled by 6 o'clock!

Kate - You are more than welcome to join us, too! Twins are a very special kind of freakish among circus folk and I think Muski already has the climbing freak spirit!

Lin - lol - Freaky is what we do best!

tiff said...

So good to hear the light in your laugh.
Glad those freaks are bringing the happy.

PS thanks for all of the wonderful emails while we were in hospital. They certainly brought the happy here!

Anonymous said...

Al, so nice to hear lightness, life and joy in your writings, Sounds like just the breath of fresh air you needed. I really want to hear more about the circus life of your past!

Hey Jeanie - I can cartwheel - I can! And handstand! (Not bad for a fat forty year old)

Megan said...

Allllesuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn, Allessssun. Are you back to blogging yet? You can blog instead of housework. I know, because that's what I do, every day :)

Alison said...

Tiff - I'm loving the light! And you're most welcome.

Rhubarb - What happens in the circus, stays in the circus. lol. With stunts like yours though, you can join us!

Megan - Housework? What's that?

Freak Megan said...

Excuse me Ms Alison
can the girls come out and play with me please? I want to hear their Freaky stories. Or how about Sammi? Can she come play? I promise I'll be good [x fingers behind back].

Alison said...

Sorry Ms Megan. They are all busy. I am watching the girls and Sammi do the dinner dishes!!
I can see you x'd fingers. And if I couldn't, I wouldn't believe you anyway! Freak.
I don't think your emails are being good, either.