It's hard to stay in a bad mood with kids like mine

Even though 83% is on of the most disgusting statistics on sexual assault I have EVER heard,
Even though I am still dumbfounded that meaningful action is, for the most part, non-existent,
And even though it sometimes feels like the battle is just too big to fight,

My bad mood is lifting.

Because you cannot empower others while you are feeling dis-empowered,
Because you cannot inspire action while you are uninspired,
And because you cannot win if you do not fight.

Yesterday the Kewl Kids and I were surveying the property from our veranda. It is pouring rain here at the moment and yesterday the back paddocks had already started to flood. I'd moved those animals that I could to higher ground, and so chaos reigned supreme as goats and Shetland ponies and ducks and dogs became new roomies and kicked up some mud in their new pad. We were having a good laugh at their antics when Miss J spotted the dog getting a little too friendly with the goat. From the other end of the veranda she called out,

"Mu-um! The dog is trying to have sexual intercourse with the goat again!"

I laughed until I cried, and my bad mood began to lift... Not because of the possibility of breeding the first ever puppy goats - but because Miss J had used appropriate language to describe what she was seeing, and in doing so, she reminded me that while I cannot educate everyone - I can certainly educate my children.

My children are empowered with sexuality knowledge and self protection skills.

And that, is Kewl.


Mountaingirl said...

lol - I am wondering how often Miss J has seen the dog with the goat if the word "again" is used :-)

And btw, yes, their empowerment is so very very Kewl :-)

Brenda said...

Most definitely kewlness, Al. You must be so proud of your super kewl kids.

And hey, is there a possibility at all for you to come to the meetup? It's on the 20th of this month. Check my blog for the deets. Would really love to meet you IRL!

Arienette said...

Good on Miss J, and very good on you for being the mum of such switched on munchkins. From Miss J and Miss V and Miss F will hopefully emerge a ripple of awareness...playmates who are informed on how things really work, parents who maybe sit down with their kidlings a little earlier and a little more seriously, and blog-readers who realise that your child is NEVER too young to know about their own bodies and about sex, sexuality, and sexual assault awareness.
I left a comment on another post of yours (crossing the road) and since then have been thinking much more than I would have otherwise all these issues, and examining and questioning peoples attitudes towards sexuality education. It's a pity most people don't do the same.