The Zoo - Kewl Style!

The Kewl girls, Sammi, Mary Poppins and I went to the zoo yesterday! I am still not quite sure why we paid to go to a zoo, when we pretty much live in one, but as the youngest member of the Kewl family will tell you - "Sammi turned old!" - so we thought we'd better indulge her a bit.

When we arrived, the first thing Miss F spotted was the merchandise shop that you exit through. She squealed with excitement and asked, "Mummy! Can we go shopping?! Please?!"
I explained about the shop being the exit from the zoo, and that shopping would take place at the end of the day, once we'd seen all the animals. So naturally, the rest of her day went something like this...

"After we've seen the elephants, then are we going shopping?"

"After we've seen the crocodiles, then are we going shopping?"

"After we've seen the koalas, then are we going shopping?"

"After we've seen the tigers, then are we going shopping?"

And the killer, "We can see all of these animals in the shop you know - they have photos and toys and puzzles and everything."

Miss J was not at all interested in the shops. She was instead, obsessed with taking photos - which would have been a great way to learn about the animals - had it have been the animals she was interested in taking photos of. But oh no, my little home learner spent the entire day taking photos of signs.
Her favourite being this one...

I was pretty impressed by one of the few images that were not signage...

Me, "Kewl turtle pic, Miss J! I love the pattern the water makes."
Miss J, "It's not a turtle, mum."
Me, "Are you sure? It really looks like one..."
Miss J, "No. It's the pool filter."
Me, "Oh. So it is."

Miss V, at least, did not appear to be obsessed by anything in particular as we wandered around looking at the animals. Although, after asking her what her favourite part of the day was, I'm not so sure...

"The strawberries!"

"And the fruit salad!"


The Kewl girls did show some interest in a couple of animals...

Miss F, "Look mum! There's you!"

Miss V, "Sammi, what are those kangaroos doing?"
Me, "Sammi, do NOT answer that."

Hmm.. Now that I think about it, maybe it was best not to focus too much on the animals!

So, our trip to the zoo turned out to be less about the animals and more about the adventure, but honestly, that's exactly how we like it.


Blossom said...

I love your posts!!they almost always bring a smile to my face!!!!


katepickle said...

Alison the crocodile? Awesome!
Looks like a GREAT day at the zoo!

Anonymous said...

Great likeness to your namesake there, Al xx

Fe said...

Quite a skilled little photographer there!

And the kangaroos? Obviously a joey taking a drink. *smuttygirlyou*!!


Mama Zen said...

That sounds like all of my trips to the zoo!

Mistress B said...

Looks like the joey is trying to get back into the pouch. What else would they be doing? lol

Alison the crocodile aye........ At least the kids recognised you lolol

M+B said...

I was so sure that pool filter was a turtle :(

Sunny Road said...

I agree with M & B - def looks like a turtle to me! Love the "Alison the crocodile" :) Sounds like a kewl day xx

Alison said...

Blossom - glad you enjoy them :-)

Kate - I must admit I was kind of thrilled to have a 'famous' name! lol

Rhubarb - you mean the quick and unpredictable nature, right?!

Fe - hey, Sammi is the smutty one! Which is why she was not allowed to answer the question LOL

Mama Zen - I knew it! I knew you were kewl...!!

MistressB - yeah, what else indeed!

M+B - Me too! I still think it looks like one, but Sammi tells me Miss F took that photo in the Tiger enclosure (viewing window is one side of the pool) and we are pretty sure there wouldn't have been any turtles in there!

SRM - was pretty kewl, as far as days go :-)