LIZ! In the car!

We (myself, the three Kewl girls and a Mary Poppins freak) had a 2 and a half hour road trip today. Well, it was three hours really, by the time you factor in 50 gazillion toilet stops. (For me, that is, not the girls!)

As a touring freak, I spent a lot of time on the road and I got very good at amusing myself with travel games. One of my favourites was, and still is, license plate words. That is - taking the three letters from a passing license plate and coming up with a phase using words beginning with each letter.

Today, about an hour into our trip, we turned off the busy main roads and began winding our way inland. This is my favourite kind of travel - removed enough to be quiet, but not so isolated that it becomes unnerving. The passing traffic dwindled in volume until there was just one car every 10 minutes or so, and a calm settled over the car. The girls either window gazed or amused themselves quietly and Mary Poppins and I enjoyed the greening landscape after too many days in the city.

It was just lovely, being with my four favourite women in the world, all drifting with our own thoughts. I must have been a good few miles away when the bright red shine of a car approaching in the opposite direction caught my eye and drew me back to the present moment. As it got closer, more out of habit than anything else, I looked for the 3 letters on the license plate.


My thoughts went immediately to Z.
Z is for Zy.

Then I wondered if maybe it was Zy saying hello...
H... Hello...
Hmm. Of course it was.

ZSH - Zy Says Hi.

By the time my thoughts rested on this the car had long passed - but I said it aloud, anyway. And so Did Mary Poppins.
In perfect sync, we both said softly, "Zy Says Hi".

Naturally, when the next car approached we were both ready and waiting to catch the license plate.


Again we spoke softly and in unison,

"Look! It's Zy."

When we spotted the next car in the distance their was absolutely no doubt in our minds that Zy would say hello again.
And he did.

As the car drew closer I drew myself up tall in my seat. Once more we spotted the letters at the same time and once more we spoke in perfect unison -


"Hi From Zy."

We didn't pass any more cars again before it was time for another loo stop, and so a break in our momentum - but I didn't need any more confirmation that our little Warrior was in the car with us today.

Thank you, darling Zy.

I will always be watching and listening for you.


Trish said...

magical moments and precious signs and wonders from Zy.
I can't explain them either but I have seen them with my Charlotte too.

brissiemum2 said...

Wow! That is beautiful. I love it when you are able to recognise signs like that.

Btw, we love playing that game. It's a fave of ours. In fact, when I put my car in for new tyres the guy asked me for the number plate of my car and I quoted the phrase we use for it and couldn't remember the numbers! Lol!

M+B said...

What wonderful magical moments.

It always amazes me that when you're open to those moments they are there, and it always saddens me that some people just never see them.

I am glad you and the kewl girls never miss yours xxxx

jeanie said...

lol my Dad says that is the game he has the greatest natural talent at.

I really do think signs are sent to give you peace and comfort - and I am so glad you received them.

Aunty Megan in her flash Outback said...

Yeehaw - he's everywhere, helping you to all travel safely.
My new number plate is OUT BACK! Wanna come outback with me gals?

tiff said...

I love those little signs.
Beautiful little man.

rhubarbwhine said...

Magic. It shows it's not just the females that are kewl....

Bush Babe said...

How magical... and reassuring.